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“Zurich Minds”
Römerholz Collection, Switzerland, 2013

“For both, Christian Schoeler and the journalist Michael Merz, the walk through art history turned into an inspiring excursion...”

“AnOtherMan Feature”

London, UK, 2009

After discussing ideas with AnOther Man fashion director Alister Mackie, the pair worked together on a project that crossed between art and fashion.

“Louis Vuitton / Paul Helbers”
Paris, France, 2

This is a collaboration between Vuitton menswear designer Paul Helbers and artist Christian Schoeler. 

“Don’t Projects”, DazedDigital.com
Paris, France, 2

“These are not about my desire towards the boys, but talk about a nostalgic journey, it is about growing up, not about sex.”

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